Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

A very important element of getting on the right career path is to get the correct college degree – therefore having clarity of mind and intent is paramount when going for executive education and ultimately getting on a career path that is in alignment with your interests and strengths. When a prospective employer looks at a job application, he/she will look at (A) educational relevance and (B) job experience – hence the need to have executive education and previous work experience to be in line with each other.

One way of landing that all elusive management and mid-management job is to do internships and volunteer work that would polish and refine your management and leadership skills in an industry of your liking and preference – doing this will give you an unbeatable edge. However, not everyone would be in a financially stable enough position to do internships and volunteer work. If this is the case then consider engaging in university and college funded projects that are in alignment with your career goals. These projects have the potential to teach you important skills such as planning, budgeting, costing, forecasting and various aspects of project management.

What most parents do not understand is that while they wish their sons and daughters get into a field of work that is financially rewarding, there are usually problems with a youngster’s desirability and a conflict with his/her innate talents and skills. Research has shown that this is one of the major factors influencing low grades and high drop out rates. The chances of getting into a good organization with bad grades are as good as getting into that organization with no degree at all.

A good idea is to go through a series of cognitive tests and counseling sessions that are geared towards finding out which skills and abilities are stronger than others. These tests can also give valuable insight into what one should do in order to develop certain cognitive abilities before going for a certain type of executive program.

There is absolutely no doubt that executive education can be the perfect catalyst for both individual and organizational growth. Trend analysts seem to be saying that corporations world wide are beginning to strongly support all forms of executive education regardless of whether they are in-house company sponsored or university and college based. Nowadays, students need to look at executive education as an investment that (if made wisely) will pay back rich dividends in the form of steady and consistent organizational success.

By rahul