Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Canada has always been one of the preferred education centre for students all over the world. Canadian Universities are known for offering quality education, which is accessible to worldwide students on easy terms. If you are thinking to study abroad, Canada is the best option around

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada have more than 89 colleges under its umbrella, which offer a range of ‘Study Abroad Courses,” specifically designed for foreign students. Apart from this, there are almost 175 community colleges, which conduct various training programmes based on Global Study patterns. Indian students have always been a target of Canadian universities, as thousands of students every year migrate to study abroad. From Scholarships to bank loans, Canadian universities help Indian students in every possible manner to be a part of Canada Education.

Paul Davidson, president of Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) on DEC 19, 2010 said, “There is greater interest in India among our universities. But India was also the most sought-after destination by Canadian students this summer for internship.” “Canadian universities are shifting focus towards India after China with which their engagement goes 40 years back. Engagement with India has begun late, but we will soon see a lot more Indian students studying in Canada,” he added.
















Some of the advantages of studying in Canada

There are a range of options available for you in Canada. Canadian Universities offer a wide variety of courses and programmes on graduate, postgraduate level offering impeccable education of global importance. The options are more than any other countries in the world.

Canada is known to provide students with globally recognized educations. A pass out student from any of Canadian universities is preferred all over the world. The MBA programmes offered by Canadian schools are considered to be the best in the world. Special support and attention to foreign students. Colleges would not only provide you scholarships, but also help you get bank loans. Immigration process to the country is also hassle free. AUCC president said that AUCC is working with immigration authorities and the Canadian high commission in New Delhi to ease this problem.

Students, due to extreme pressure to achieveĀ success, easily fall prey to the demon of stress. The anxiety doesn’t disappear even after the exams are over, as they get started worrying about Exam Results, or University Results. The article intends to provide students with some tips to avoid unnecessary stress after exams are over.

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