Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Jonathan Capehart:

Well, David’s column was terrific, in being able to sit down with the president, particularly this president, who he wears everything on his sleeve.

And I have been on a phone call between the president and opinion writers, including — including David, so I have — I can pretty much imagine how that conversation went.

Look, I think President Biden is sort of the president who — the man who is meeting the moment. A lot of people wonder whether progressives have pulled the party farther to the left or are pushing the party farther to the left. And I counter that.

And I think President Biden, by doing what he’s doing, it’s really that the party is catching up to the country. You tick off any issue and ask where the American people are — and let’s just take raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The American people want that done.

The Democratic Party has been pushing for that for a long time. The president now, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, is pushing for that.

And so the beauty of David’s column and what I loved about it is that it takes sort of the policy issues that we’re talking about now, whether it’s the American Jobs Act — the American Jobs Plan, the Families Plan, the American Rescue Plan, and broadens it out in the way that only — that David famously does to the 35,000-foot level and shows that Joe Biden — it’s the last line in the column — Joe Biden hasn’t changed. It’s just that he’s gone bigger.

The price tags on these things that he’s pushing have gone bigger than what he pushed for when he was in the Senate for 36 years. The policies that he championed when he was vice president, with President O — yes, with President Obama.

So, I don’t know if it’s right to call President Biden incrementalist. I think he is incrementalist when it suits his purposes to get something done right away.

But I think, if you look at everything that he’s trying to do, he’s going big. And he’s going big because the problems facing the country are large, but, also, he views it to the international prism, which I think David puts in his column, because of his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, that the problems that America is facing, they are impacting not just America at home, but America’s standing abroad.

By rahul