Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

The world grows in might and also in complexity with the creation of advancements in the various fields of human activity. Hence for a child, education has now become a volatile term which is constantly changing with the need to learn new things gaining more importance with every passing moment. Some of the facets are there to be learned and ultimately mastered on home soil and some of them require traveling to distant lands and acquiring those facets while staying there.

Money is therefore now an important factor for a good education considering the reality factors involved in human existence. Hence fees are required to be paid sometimes in advance amounts which are quite large and boarding amounts as well as travelling amounts are also there to be taken care of. These are some of the basic facets which are required to be fulfilled although there may be many more which may arise in unforeseen situations and are required to be solved immediately.

The reality check conducted in the above paragraph may have a tinge of uncertainty but this very tinge is now liable to be removed with the provision of student education loans which give the required amount of money needed to fulfilll all the primary as well as the secondary factors.














Financially there are many benefits for taking the option of a student loan and this is an important consideration due to the common perception of getting a larger monetary sum in the case of a personal loan. The person taking this option would be missing the interest rate advantage in the sense that personal loan interest rates are quite higher compared to the interest which is charged in the case of a education loan.

The student who wants to take an education loan has to fulfill certain requirements which are however very simple and not brain haggling. Hence he has to have an age which lies between the age band of 16 years to 26 years. He is required to be an Indian national and should have one of his/her parents to be involved in an activity which serves as a regular mean of income.

The Indian scenario, moreover the Indian financial scenario is now a proud beholder of banks which are involved in the process of giving student education loans. Hence the person who is applying for this type of a loan needs to have the basic minimum documents like age proof, address proof etc. If the student has to go to a foreign location then he needs to provide a copy of his passport & visa. Apart from this the student also needs to give a proof of achieving the required marks in the selection examination for the course that he has applied for. Furthermore a prospectus is also required to be given for the bank to have a detailed idea about the fees structure in terms of the charges regarding hostel, examination fees other associated things.

If one takes a detailed look at the different types of offers of student loans that are being given by different banks in India, then the picture that is created is full of many financial factors. Most of the banks that are giving these loans have low processing fees and the EMI that is associated is also quite manageable for the person taking the loan. Furthermore the interest rate is also indicative of the need to take an education loan, by being lower than the interest associated with a student loan. The event of taking an education loan is also free from the need of credit checking.

By rahul