Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

It has been said that peace is not just the absence of war, the harmony between the internal being of a person and the environment. This definition of peace is best observed in human development and study of behavioral sciences. It has long been observed that an adult is more often than not the result of his or her childhood experiences. If child is exposed to violence, then he or she is likely to be violent when it gets to be a fully developed adult.

Similarly, medics have observed that persons who are religious and strictly observe their religious practices or meditate a lot are likely to be live longer. This is because they experience less illness and even when sick, are likely to recuperate faster.

These are evidence that what is observed in a society is the sum total of what is in the emotions and the physic of the people. For example, due to the high quality of life in Nordic countries, the people report less incidences and prevalence of mental illness. The people are also relatively more peaceful.

By emphasizing the training for people on how to manage the internal environment, for example by managing the fears, negative feelings, pressure, stress, and other sources of negative energy in the body, then one is able to contribute to world peace. There will be more peace makers in such as community than the trouble makers.

Brain education provides such an opportunity or tool to bridge the gap between inner peace and the external environment. It can contribute to world peace because those who train in it are equipped with the skills for management of the cognitive and motors.

Brain education practitioners have also recognized that the optimum functionality of the brain is achieved through regular exercise. This exercise is not limited to the physical exercises alone, but also to the cognitive exercises.

When several people are healthier in the brain because of the exercises and brain education, we shall have a population of tolerant men and women. They will be slow to anger and will not need to secure their individual survival.

By rahul