Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

If you’re searching for the perfect educational tour for your group of students, you should look through the portfolios of some of the bigger travel companies that specialise in itineraries for groups of young people. There are excellent companies who pride themselves on offering comprehensive itineraries to many and varied destinations throughout the world, covering all manner of subjects. Whether your group wants to study art in Florence or history in China, there will be an itinerary to suit. And, if by chance there is not the perfect itinerary on offer, a good company will design one specifically for you.

Call on the experts

Drawing on experience gleaned from a team of experts, these companies specialise in catering for groups of young people. Consequently, the accommodation chosen is often family-run and used to catering for school groups; the local guides are familiar with leading groups of young students, so pitch their talks and information accordingly. Often, the excursions are interactive and students are given an “off-the-beaten track” experience of a country they may never have been to.

While the focus of an educational tour is, naturally, on the learning experience, there is always time built in for students to relax and enjoy learning about the more personal aspects of a country, its culture, cuisine and the way the locals spend their time. There will be opportunities to wander the streets of the local towns, eat in the local restaurants, visit the colourful markets and practise language skills in the shops.

Trust in experience

It is imperative that you book with a recommended company so you can rest assured their expertise will guide your students to the best experience. Booking with such a company also means that students’ safety is of paramount importance. Their Safety Management System will be audited regularly and you can travel with the peace of mind that your group is in safe hands. The larger companies will be bonded with one of the leading travel bonds so you know that in the event of any emergency, your money is safe.

Companies with experience in the educational travel industry are familiar with the extra requirements needed when travelling with large groups of young people. Destinations and itineraries are all carefully chosen and designed with this in mind. Certain groups may have specific needs or particular issues within the group, but the company you deal with can guide, recommend and advise accordingly. From the moment you contact the company right up until the end of your trip you will be supported by a personal and professional service, and one that is committed to providing the best educational tour for your group of students.

By rahul