Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Do you have a child with autism or dyslexia that is receiving special education services? Has your school district refused to provide your child with needed services? Have school personnel told you that the reason they cannot give your child services. is due to lack of money! Then this article will be eye opening to you! Discussed will be the truth about federal money given to states and school districts for special education services, and amount returned!

Every year states receive money from the federal government to provide special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). States then determine how much money each school district receives and passes the federal money on too them. Any money not spent in a fiscal year must either be returned to the federal government or deducted from the next years allotment.

Billions of special education money are being returned yearly to the federal government, because it is not being spent. Every state in the USA has returned unspent money to the federal government. Between 2000-2002 states returned over 1.7 Billion dollars of this money. This money could have been used to pay for the services, that children with disabilities need but were denied by their school districts.

So why do school personnel continue to tell parents that they cannot provide services due to lack of money, when billions of unspent funds are being returned? The reason is, because denial of related and special education services has little to nothing to do with money! As an advocate for over 20 years I have said many times and will say it again: that many school personnel do not want to give services to children with disabilities. They say that it is due to lack of money, as an excuse for not providing the services. This practice of denying services to children with disabilities are ruining their lives!

It is important to note that IDEA does not allow school districts to deny special education and related services to children with disabilities, due to lack of money. Every time this issue is brought up to me I turn it back on them-and tell them that lack of money is not an acceptable reason under IDEA for denying children needed services!

Parents are their children’s only advocates and must be willing to stand up to special education personnel for the good of their child. What does it take to successfully advocate for your child: Assertive persistence for as long as it takes to get your child critical services to help them graduate, get a job and be economically self sufficient! Keep your expectations for your child high, advocate for them the best you can, and they will benefit!

By rahul