Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Yamiche Alcindor:

Well, President Biden has said a number of times now that he is planning to talk about the ransomware attacks that have disrupted American infrastructure over the last few weeks.

He also has talked about the fact that he’s going to push the Russian president on human rights issues. There’s also a lot of talk today at NATO among some member nations, including Angela Merkel of Germany, that there really needs to be a discussion about disinformation campaigns and Russia meddling in elections.

So, there’s a lot on the agenda. That said, President Biden has also said that he’s going to give us more details about how he’s going to measure his success after this meeting. So, there’s a real question about, what are the details? What do people want to see, especially American citizens who have had their lives at times disrupted from Russian attacks, it sounds like, at least criminals living in Russia?

But the president is being a bit coy about that, but he is saying that he’s going to take a firm stance against Russia. That has been something that he’s consistently said.

And I should also note that President Biden said today that every member that he’s met with, every European leader he that he’s met with has expressed support about meeting with Russia during this time period, because there’s been a lot of questions about whether or not the meeting with Russia was too premature.

By rahul