Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Yamiche Alcindor:

Well, President Biden has known some of these European leaders for up to three decades. He’s been long working on issues of foreign policy.

So there are going to be real hefty talks about trade, especially when it comes to talking about the difference between make America great again, as well as buy American first. There are European leaders who are really wondering if there’s going to be more American protectionism on that front.

There’s also going to be this feeling of whether or not President Biden is a sort of placeholder, because of all of the drama and all of the real contention that was there when former President Trump was coming to the NATO — was coming to NATO and G7.

These European leaders are going to be a bit cagey, and they really want to know if they can trust America again. And that’s really a long-term issue that President Biden’s going to have to deal with. And then, of course, ahead of his meeting with Vladimir Putin, there’s going to be a lot of talk about January 6 and the idea that there are real issues with American democracy right now, with the gridlock in Washington.

So these European leaders are going to be wanting to talk about the state of American democracy. That said, the president got a big, big applause today when he was talking to U.S. troops, saying that he came to talk to Vladimir Putin about the things that he wants to let him know. There were no details there.

But what you saw there was really a tone that was going to be firm. And the president, in some ways, has been saying that he’s there to talk frankly to Vladimir Putin. So there’s real expectations on that front.

By rahul