Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Intel Classmate PC is of the best mini notebooks, purpose-built for providing education solutions. It is equipped with special software and has specifically designed hardware and services to fulfill educational needs in every educational institution. The product is designed to suit the local market. Classmate PCs are known to be affordable, durable and child-friendly.

Features of Intel’s Classmate PC

Classmate PC has a touch screen and allows you to use your finger or the stylus instead of the mouse. This PC is equipped with SMART Classroom Suite. This software allows teachers to interact individually with the students in the class by broadcasting their lectures, share files and collect students’ homework. Moreover, teachers can also evaluate the understanding of the student about the topics taught in class.

Classmate PC has an Easybit Inspirus Desktop, which enables teachers to build a creative study environment, making the process of teaching more intriguing. This mini notebook is installed with important software known as Parent Carefree. This software allows parents and teachers to keep an eye on the Internet activities by giving information about the web sites visited by the children. Another unique feature of the Classmate mini notebook is its CyberSafety software, which locks any web sites not recommended for children viewing.

The Theft Deterrent software installed in the Classmate PC prevents it from getting stolen by using a technique known as ‘Bricking’. The system stops working after it loses the connection with the school server for a specific amount of time. The only way to put the mini notebook in working condition again is to bring it back to the school from where it was stolen. Furthermore, the Intel Education System, installed on the device creates an image of the system to take care of its backup needs.

By rahul