Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

According to the experts, the introduction of art based education in schools can play a critical role in improving the standards of teaching as well as learning. There are many successful school programs and many other schools that implemented art based education bear testament to that. The various programs have been used in order to help a large number of teachers as well as students to become more engaged and more successful teachers and learners. Art based education is remarkable in many ways.

First and foremost this type of education is based on the assumption that a curricular area that is often devalued in education arts can be the basis of whole school reform program. There are many schools that attest that arts and using art as education can invigorate and rejuvenate entire schools. Secondly the introduction of arts in the mainstream of education has proven to be powerful, value added school reform. It enables school to accomplish that which is being demanded from them in terms of accountability and student achievement. It also provides the students and teachers with a meaningful and engaging approach towards education.

Education based on arts simply transform classrooms and school into more desirable places to be in. Thirdly, Art based programs have proven to be sustainable reform approaches both for individual schools as well as large reform initiatives. Therefore regardless of the hype arts is less of a reform and more of a philosophy for instructional change. On the other hand the schools efforts were backed by guidance and support from experts in the field of art and education. Also in order to create rich arts integrated learning experiences, schools would be required stock up on more resources than they currently have.

The various types of resources required for the reform include artistic as well as others. According to the experts it is important for the schools to draw on the talents and the resources of parents and community institutions. The various types of institutions being considered here include the area of cultural resources, local colleges and universities and the media.

Art based education distinguished itself from the initiative of the traditional arts based education approaches. According to the modern method arts is placed at the center of instruction in the current curriculum. This way arts based education will become the focal point for instruction in school. Therefore arts based education is considered as a strengthened arts curriculum and a modern and integrated approach to instruction.

By rahul