Mon. May 16th, 2022

Music is The Solution, Not the Problem – Part 2

Why do we keep rolling music back and out of the way in favor of more fashionable educational fancies for our kids? Is this a temporary or permanent trend? So many of us have varying beliefs about the purpose of education that it is hard to come up with a consensus about what we should do as a society and a culture.

Some say that that we are now “modern” and music is not as important for our kid’s education as it used to be. After all, now we have all this stuff; computers, media, internet, television ad infinitum. They say, to teach music to our kids is passe.

This trend is evidenced by declarations from our politicians about how we need more and more computers and access to internet in the schools. More often than not we hear how we need to get more money and funding to boost these capabilities. We hear no such declarations in favor of funding music in education.

The Purpose of a College or Public Education

What is the purpose of a college or a public education if not to teach us how to use our brains so we can think? Whatever the focus of our academic efforts, it is essential that we help our children learn how to think in a dynamic and creative fashion. If our education doesn’t accomplish that, then we will come up short time after time.

The study of music is one of the most natural and powerful ways that we can strengthen the minds of our children. You don’t have to take my word for this. All you have to do is look at statistics and facts that are already in place. Consider the following:


  1. A large percentage of scientists, mathematicians and medical doctors are musicians. Do they have something in common? Do they know something that our politicians don’t know? The answer is yes, they all have a very specific thing in common. They all have a proven ability to think.
  2. As China, Japan and eastern countries continue to ascend and become our economic adversaries and move ever closer to supremacy, we see a huge percentage of their children guided by their parents towards the study of music and playing musical instruments.–assure-good-results–pdf-dumps–pdf-dumps–pdf-dumps

Do they know something that we have forgotten? They know that their kids will have a much better chance becoming successful in their lives with music, than without it. In the United States, we used to know that. Unfortunately, we have over the past several decades been unlearning these truths.

Are Our Children Learning To Become Complete Human Beings?

Our purpose as parents should be to help our kids gain more than the “primary skills” so they can grow into more complete human beings! There is tons of research that verifies the value of music as part of a college and public education. When our kids learn to play a musical instrument they gain reading, memory, hand – eye coordination, concentration, self evaluation, poise, developing listening capabilities, greater inner awareness and much more. For some music is a gateway towards spirituality and beyond.

When we bestow upon our young people the gift and opportunity to play an instrument and to explore music, we support and enhance their very ability to think, to contemplate and to gain the values they so badly need to become successful complete people and contributing citizens of our society.

Most importantly we gift them, as our ancestors gifted themselves, the ability and foundation to answer their most fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives and their very existence. As sure as we breathe, think and hope for a future worth living is as sure as we will need music more than ever, going forward.

By rahul