Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

To evaluate performance and success of a business, many experienced managers use strategy performance management tool created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton. This tool is known as Balanced Scorecard system and is the most popular of all business evaluation systems. This tool allows business owners to keep track of the execution of tasks assigned to the employees of various departments. It also helps detect areas that are not doing well and require certain improvements. If you want to use the Balanced Scorecard system for the development of your own organization, it is recommended to undergo special training.

By surfing the Internet you will find lots of information that is available for free, however if you want to get the most of this system it is necessary to pursue an in-depth BSC training. There are lots of schools and universities that have experienced instructors eager to share their knowledge. The education is not free but this is the best way to get necessary experience. If you want to get a strategic management education, you can joint traditional or online classes. This choice is usually predetermined by your location, budget, needs and personal preferences. Many people are skeptical about online education. They just worry that the teacher will be not able to keep track of their progress, just because he/she cannot see what students are doing behind their computers. In fact, you should not be afraid of the online Balanced Scorecard coaching. If the school you want to enroll in is not near to your velocity, you should consider online education.

Irrespective of the type of education (online or offline) you choose, the knowledge and skills you will receive will help successfully integrate the Balanced Scorecard system into the management strategy of your organization. The BSC programs include information about the fundamentals of this performance evaluation framework and practical tips on creating scorecard projects. There are programs for beginners, as well as for seasoned managers who want to improve their skills. Upon completing the education, students will be able to:


  • set strategy goals
  • create strategy maps
  • identify relevant key performance indicators
  • choose best KPI practices
  • create cascading scorecards.


Besides, students will get useful information on how they can test their scorecards and update them. Managers will also learn how to identify winning KPIs and integrate them into the strategy map, so that it gives accurate outcomes. Learning this information is imperative if you want to create successful scorecard that will help evaluate current strategy management and business performance. While pursuing the Balanced Scorecard training, you will get an opportunity to create sample scorecards and this will help avoid mistakes when developing real projects.

Managers can also benefit from using various BSC training applications that provide necessary experience in developing scorecard projects. Most applications are available with free trial version, so you have a chance to test the program before purchasing it.

By implementing this approach into your company, you will be able to check whether or not the chosen strategic plan gives the desired results. The collected data will help make necessary changes to the current management approach, making it more effective. However, without getting adequate training you will never discover all benefits of this performance evaluation system.

By rahul