Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Decline in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of a country for at least two consecutive quarters has been a contributing factor to the economic slowdown and recession in the country. Recession brings a visible decadent change in the society which results in increased levels of unemployment and layoffs in various organizations etc. It results in a time that is filled with uncertainty and anxiety for most people.

But is this period of bad economy really as bad as people actually conceive it to be? Maybe not! Look around; there is never a dearth of opportunities. Education consultants opine that one can make use of this time in a productive and fruitful manner, and engage oneself in activities that would not only make survival in such a scenario possible, but also ensure a bright future. Earning an online degree can be the best bet in today’s time. Countering the effects of a bad economy in our lives is something that should be learnt. Adopting a negative attitude would only increase the pressure of recession period and trap us in the same bubble for a much longer time. Stephen Covey, a noted and celebrated author, says that between a stimulus and the response is a gap. Here we can safely consider recession to be the stimulus and your plan for steering through it to be the “gap”. It is always your choice to make- whether you wish to be caught in this dark phase and sway with the wind, or you wish to take matters in your own hands and make efforts to secure your future.

Education is one of the best ways that will bridge this obscure phase and set the blocks for future too. When the job market is down, do not try to fit in forcefully and take wrong career decisions keeping short term goals in mind. Keep the bigger picture in consideration when making important decisions in life. One should remember that it is not at all a matter of dishonor to be unemployed. However, losing all hopes of turning around the tables is the biggest crime one can do to oneself. If such a situation does occur, and you are forced to leave the security of having a job, don’t lose hope! Make efforts instead to add to your own employability, so that in some time you have acquired enough skills to act as a competition to other professionals. Your time off from job would give you the opportunity to invest that time in yourself and ponder over the many more career options laid in front of you.With right efforts made in the right direction, one can easily turn such an event to his/ her favor.

Sometimes, professionals stuck in the same profile for long periods get irritated and this decreases their productivity. This is the time to re-ignite the long neglected interests and give a new direction to your career, and even to take an alternative career path if felt necessary. For people who are not happy with their jobs or find it unsatisfactory, the time is ripe to take a plunge in new opportunities and bring about a significant change in life. Advancing one’s knowledge base and acquiring new skills and qualifications will help one get the best possible position for employment with better earning potentials once the economy is stable.

Going back to the classrooms can be a refreshing change from the mundane office routine and can prove to be a whole new productive experience. Apart from the general methods, there are also a number of other ways (like seminars, workshops, certifications, etc.) through which one can master new technologies and skills. Pursuing education and utilizing the time efficiently also proves a keenness to learn which is appreciated by recruiters and goes a long way in improving a person’s value in the job market. It is, thus, imperative to make one’s mind accordingly and plan strategically.

By rahul