Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Nowadays there is a hot topic drawing a high attention by an increasing number of people, that is about, the education under the influence of traditional culture.

So,what is our old culture do to china’s education? Is it good for the improvement of our education or it is just delaying our home education coming to the modern international education? Some hold that there should be a close relationship between China’s education and the traditional culture of our country and we must learn more about our traditional culture form the education.Some argue that because of the traditional culture, we always do our education in our own ways,and the old doctrine now is really do something bad to the development of our education.

In my opinion, like a coin always has two sides,it can not be easily told that our traditional culture is doing some harm on education.

First, I believe that based on the fast development of our country’s economy, our education system also needs improving and reforming now, we should get rid of some old stereotypes which do not fit the new society, and instead with some new ways and tools.

Students in campus should be given more freedom and chances to choose what they would like to learn and what they are interested in, and the relationship between students and teachers should be like families or friends,and we could talk, discuss or even argue with each other, but we could learn form each other in this way. Second, for those precious culture that we have kept as the treasure of humans for thousands years, like the theory of Confucius, of Mencius, we must kept them well and pass them to the following generation. Because hose are symbols of China.

By rahul