Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

We live in modern times and live among electronic products. Thus, the thought of having wooden toys seems taboo and very much outdated. In the past, these might have still worked fine because of the absence of advanced technology.

However, children, and even adults, nowadays will probably smirk at the thought of being gifted wooden toys. Little do they know that wooden toys, especially wooden educational toys, are actually worth a lot more than their modern trinkets.

Wood crafted educational toys, aside from being painstakingly developed to encourage learning and discovery among children, are also painstakingly created and manufactured (mostly by hand). The fact that most wooden educational toys are hand made account for their bigger value, both in price and in terms of instrinsic worth.

First, wood is fast becoming a depleted resource. Since it is a natural resource, compared to plastic, which can easily be manufactured and recycled, wooden toys and products are much more difficult to come by. In fact, most toy manufacturers would prefer to make plastic and synthetic material toys because they cost a lot less to make, as opposed to wood toys.

Second, it takes a lot of skill and creativity to craft wooden educational toys. Plastic and electronic toys can just be machine made and easily mass produced. Wooden toys and games take some time to develop and make because honing wood takes a lot of effort and energy.

It is, therefore, for the above reasons that we should not underestimate the worth of wooden educational toys. They may look passe at first, but we have to realize the level of craftsmanship and skill that goes behind every wooden toy that is made.

If you’re interested in woodwork but do not want to spend so much on ready made products, you can also make wooden educational toys yourself!

By rahul