Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

China has been tipped as the next big Superpower and an educational tour to this vast and complex country will give students an insight into why. Traditional rural life and ancient historical legacies are fused with the modern urban development and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

This wonderful, mysterious country was one of the first places man inhabited, and the Chinese civilisation is one of the earliest of the ancient civilisations; it continues evolving and developing proudly and strongly today. The People’s Republic of China is a relatively new phase in Chinese politics and has ended the turbulent times caused by the feudal society that predominated Chinese history and was controlled by many ruthless dynasties. This new China is fast becoming a modern, urban, and economically successful country.

There is so much to see, do and experience on an educational tour to China. Students have the opportunity to savour a country with a distinctly different culture, history and heritage to their own. It is an exciting place that invites students to let their imagination run wild and to consider the roots of modern science and the rapid development of a country once so suppressed. Skyscrapers have now been built next to beautiful pagodas and the stunning countryside with its sacred mountains and endless paddy fields surround huge, pulsating cities and vast urban development.—guaranteed-success-in-first-attempt–pdf-dumps—-assure-results—guarantee-results-in-aws-ce—valid-aws-certified-cloud-practitioner-dump—hassle-f—verified-by-amazon-experts—exam-dumps—guarantee-success-in-api-580-exam—guaranteed-success-in-first-attempt—verified-by-avaya-experts

Top Three Chinese Treasures

The Forbidden Palace is right in the centre of Beijing, the Chinese capital, and is a fascinating place to include on any educational tour. Twenty-four emperors lived in these imperial palaces through two dynasties and students can imagine what it would have been like for these powerful men to live in such opulence and decadence so long ago. It is believed by Chinese astronomers that the centre of Heaven holds a Purple Star and that the Heavenly Emperor lived in the Purple Palace. They also believe that the earth’s equivalent to the Purple Palace is this particular palace, now known as The Forbidden Palace – forbidden as it was only possible to enter with permission. The palace sits close to the infamous Tiananmen Square, the site where hundreds were massacred by the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic protest in 1989. It was in fact students who were the initial demonstrators at this rally, peacefully occupying the square in an attempt to maintain the democratic reforms. The whole affair became one of the most significant tragedies of the century.

A real treat for students on an educational tour is a trip to The Chengdu Panda Centre, the largest panda research centre in the world. Chengdu acts as a breeding centre but it also has a very important role in educating people about the plight affecting this distinguished animal. The pandas are housed in huge enclosures and the park is well set up with marked trails so you can explore at your own pace. These gentle giants, along with the more rare red pandas are a lovely excuse for a day in the great outdoors.

Discovered as recently as 1974, but over 2000 years old, The Army of terracotta warriors is one of the most amazing archaeological discoveries in the world. The collection of 1800 warriors already unearthed is only the tip of the terracotta warrior iceberg. The warriors, stood in battle formation, are made up of cavalry, infantry and charioteers and are a replica of the Qin Army. Students on an educational tour to visit this spectacle will definitely be forced to question the “hows and whys” these wondrous sculptures ever came to be. The technology and labour along with the time it took and the reason it was built make for fascinating topics for discussion.

By rahul