Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

If any nation, society or charitable institution is setting up a target to eradicate poverty, then it should start with providing the facility of free education. Education is the necessary key that will unlock the golden gates of the future. It empowers, enlightens people, and enables them to understand the circumstances and take appropriate actions accordingly.

It’s a well known thing that knowledge is power. If so much power and importance is invested in knowledge which can be gained through education, then a civil society must see that all of their populations do have access to this empowering tool. To think that literacy rate in every society or country will remain cent percent is to wish for an ideal situation. But striving to achieve that target should not be forgotten for a second.

It’s the poor people who remains deprived of education, as they are not allowed the circumstances in life to choose education. They have to work instead of going to school or letting their kids go to school. Fire of hunger definitely overpowers the fire of knowledge. How would they make their both ends meet is a bigger concern for them than complete the schooling. The kids of the poor people don’t get the chance to choose the path of education as they too don’t have that situation at home that they could afford education. It seems better to them to support the family instead of pursuing school.

Some of these kids do the work of an adult to earn money to support the finances of the family. But lots of these poor children get diverted to anti-social activities. Some of them choose to work honestly but others choose to become small time thieves, pick- pockets. These small time crimes will lead them to do bigger crimes later in life. So, it’s better to check these things at an early age. And it can be done through one way only: that’s by providingĀ free education.

By rahul