Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Most people you know around you speak one to two languages fluently. It’s not uncommon to be required to take a language course in high school or college that can range from Spanish and French, to Japanese and Russian. However, what may surprise you is the vast amount of languages that are spoken all over the world and the thousands of languages that have yet to be discovered and analyzed. According to Ethnologue, there are 6,909 living languages but only 94 percent of these languages are spoken by 6 percent of the World’s population. This reveals the startling fact that there are some languages that are spoken by only a few hundred, maybe even less, people. Those that carry out this incredible task of studying and cataloguing new and old languages alike are linguists. They also have the task of finding new and innovative ways to approach linguistics and the impact it has on the world. The range of jobs that linguists is pretty substantial and exciting, but for those that already have a degree and want to get a doctorate in different linguistics applications, an online PhD education is a great way to study while still working full-time.

The expected growth of linguists’ jobs is at about 13 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet, those that are applying for a higher education for linguistics is not at the same level which means that there are many jobs that won’t be able to be filled by 2018. It seems as if cultural organizations are worried for this trend and offer grants and scholarships to help those that wish to pursue this field of study. This is great news for those that are just starting their studies and for those wishing to get an even moreĀ advanced degree, such as a PhD. Many PhD students wish to study more advanced linguistic theory, the application thereof and the future of computational linguistics. It is usually those that wish to research at a cultural institution, apply for faculty tenure or research new languages. Other jobs may include working in market research, law and dialect training.

It can depend on the institution and the amount of time that the student can give to achieve a doctorate level or PhD level that will determine how long it will take for a PhD candidate to finish their degree. A full-time student may finish in two or three years, but in many cases, these students cannot afford to take the time off that is required by a traditional ground school. In that case, an online PhD education option is a great one to consider. This may take a bit longer, but the student professional will still be able to work while gaining an advanced degree to continue to pursue their research and credentials.

By rahul