Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

One of the greatest things an association can offer is educational opportunities for its members. Learning new industry trends, technology tools, and more, make belonging to a membership organization a great asset.

But have you ever thought about adding value to your association by having members educate the community?

Here are some ways your association can add value to its members and gain visibility within your local area through education.

Partner with a Non-Profit

Partnering with a non-profit is a great way to share with the community about the industry your association serves.

For example, there may an organization that helps people learn more about career placement or job opportunities.

You can serve to educate the public about the business your association assists. Teach people about the types of careers in your industry and the type of schooling needed.

Working with the team at the non-profit also gives you and your team unique access to donor lists, leaders in the community and other important people.

Partnerships can help boost the image of your association. It may also help gain media attention and bring light to your organization.

Letting people know that your association cares about education in the community may draw more people to your group and help expand the network of people involved.

Become an Ambassador for a School

Another way to add value to your association membership through educational events is to become the ambassador for one school in your community.

There is typically a school in every community that needs more funding and a voice in the community.

You can organize educational events at the school and host fundraisers to help them out.

This way you’re helping educate young people while adding value to your association. The community will thank you and more people will respect the mission and purpose of your association.

Teach Classes

A great way to organize educational events is by teaching courses. You and members of your association can teach relevant topics to the community.

Pick good topics that are popular in the community but are relevant to your industry.

In addition to a great way for members to practice public speaking and organization skills, you may be able to charge a fee to students, which is a money making opportunity for your association.

There is always value added to your organization when education is included.

By rahul