Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

There are many different avenues to succeed in becoming a teacher. This article gives you the insight into the different routes you can use to achieve this goal.

The oldest known method of becoming a teacher is to get the bachelor’s degree in the field of education. This is after joining a training program then a license that is provided by the state. The teacher would then have to go through a particular number of education credit hours.

Each and every state would need you to have the licenses needed for teaching and they may differ from one state to the next. The US offers about 600 alternative programs which have produced like one-third teachers available to-date.

Alternative certificate programs are also there, but only for those who already have a bachelor’s degree. They take between a few months and up to three years. They have been formulated to help increase the number of trained teachers for the required subjects or districts.

Teachers are now in great demand in certain fields of education like language, science, math and special education. Both the northern and southern part of the US need educators in large numbers but in the rest of the country, it is mainly in the rural areas and inner cities. It is obvious there is still some scarcity of teachers in the country even as recession is being experienced.

If you have a Master’s degree, it would be a step in the right direction because you can get a leg up on the rest of your competition. This means you stand to benefit greatly with more salary and greater chances of furthering your career. If at all you should wish to pursue taking your teaching career to a higher level, it would be much easier.

A teacher is able to get more money by tutoring, offering their services by teaching summer school, or involving themselves in extracurricular activities in the schools like coaching and advisory roles. It would be worthwhile to just aim to further your studies in the particular subjects you deal with and also try to maintain a warm relationship with the parents if at all you wish to shine in this field.

They say there are more ways to skin a cat, so many are the ways of joining teaching as a profession and even managing to advance greatly. You just need to find which niche would be the best for you, and then quickly begin on your way.

By rahul