Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Are you concerned that your 3 year child may have autism or a pervasive developmental disorder? Would you like to ask for special education testing but do not know how? Would you like to know 8 things that should be included in special education evaluation and testing letters? This article will not only discuss these 8 things, but will include a sample letter that can be sent to special education personnel in your district.

8 Items to include are:

Item 1: Name of special education person in your district. If you do not know what the persons name is, call your superintendants office and ask for the name of the person responsible for special education in your district.

Item 2: Representatives school address. Usually the special education person is in the same building as the school superintendent, but not always. You need to know where to send the letter.

Item 3: The date of the letter

Item 4: Your child’s name, birthdate, and school that they are attending (if they are in school.

Item 5: The reason for the letter: I am asking that my child Suzy Waters receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine if she is eligible for special education services.

Item 6: Put any information in the letter that supports your asking for special education testing! For Example: My daughter Suzy is in 3rd grade but her district wide testing showed that Suzy reads at a mid 1st grade level. Add copies of all information used in this section, to the letter.

Item 7: Always put that you expect to hear from the school district about the testing within 10 days of receiving this request, as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires.

Item 8: Put your name, and address as well as sign the letter. Make two copies, one for the school and one for yourself.

This letter should be hand delivered to the special education persons office, or should be sent by post office, certified with a return receipt requested. This will ensure that the person receives the letter.

Below is a sample letter:

Ms. Terry Penney
Cherry Hill School District
6 Pit Lane
Cherry Hill Alabama Zip Code

April 25, 20__

Dear Ms. Penney:

My daughter Suzy Hardgrove is in 3rd grade at Cherry Hill elementary school and has a birth date of _________. Suzy has been struggling in reading ever since she has started school in first grade. Her first and second grade teachers worked very hard with her but despite their hard work, Suzy continues to read at mid 1st grade level, even though she is in 3rd grade. Suzy also struggles in other areas of academics (writing, spelling, and written expression), and I am concerned that she may have undiagnosed learning disabilities.

This letter today is to ask for a comprehensive psychological evaluation for Suzy. I would like this evaluation to include: a medical history, a social history, testing for intelligence, present levels of academic performance (what levels Suzy’s academics are at), adaptive and functional testing, testing in the area of phonemic awareness, phonological memory, nonsense word reading, phonological decoding, and rapid naming. And also because language disorders run in my family I am asking for a comprehensive speech/language evaluation to include receptive and expressive language testing.

I expect to hear from you within 10 days about this testing, as IDEA requires. I look forward to working with you, for the benefit of my daughter’s education.

By rahul