Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

The use of technology in education is not very old. A few years ago, the education was all about schooling and physical classes, but now, the way of learning and teaching is changed a lot. With the introduction of online education, the way of learning is improved. Previously, we used to learn things only by reading them in the books or through our teachers, but now both the study resources and methods have changed. In this article, we will discuss 7 major technologies that have changed our education system.

The internet: Internet has made it very easy to access all kinds of information. With the help of the internet, we can read books, attend online classes, learn through online study material, and can even join a degree course online. Internet is accessible anywhere and anytime making it easy to read.

Mobile: Mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops have changed the learning process. With the help of these devices, we can access study material anywhere and can read anytime. We can use the internet on our mobile devices. Mobile technology has shifted the books from table to our pocket.

Global reach: Technology has increased the reach of education making it global. Through technology and the internet, information is accessible in any corner of the world. You can send data, e-books, pictures and even videos online to anyone in the world. Thus, the reach of education has become global.

Virtual Learning: Virtual learning is a pictorial and graphical representation of the things. We can learn things easily when explained in graphics form. This is why graphics and virtual learning process is used to let the students analyze a thing or a situation virtually.

Multimedia: Multimedia includes many methods of representing the information. With the help of technology, information is now available in the text, audio, video, picture and many other formats. A person can now read in any method that best suits to him. We can obviously learn things easily when we see them in a video or practical presentation.

E-books: Though I have already mentioned this above, but e-books are too important not to be discussed separately. E-books are the digital representation of a book. You can read a book written in papers or you can read an e-book online. E-books are easily accessible, cost-effective and easy to carry and read. You can read them anywhere without even being noticed by anyone else.

Educational games: To make it easy for students to learn, many educational and learning games have been introduced. These digital games not only entertain us, but also give us a chance to learn things while playing.

By rahul