Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Are you the parent of a young child that you believe may have autism, but special education personnel disagree? Was your child recently tested, by school personnel and you disagree with the test results? Parents are entitled to an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE’s) at Public expense, under certain circumstances. This article will discuss 6 things that you need to know about IEE’s at public expense.

An IEE is an Independent Educational Evaluation that is conducted by a qualified person who does not work for your school district.

Below are the 6 things that you must know about IEE’s at public Expense;

1. Parents are entitled to an IEE at public expense if they disagree with the school districts evaluation. You may disagree with the tests, how the tests were conducted, the results of the tests, or how the results of the tests were interpreted. If your child was tested and you believe that they have an undiagnosed disability, such as autism, then you would be entitled to an IEE at public expense.

Several areas of disagreement may be included in one IEE at public expense. For Example: If your child needs testing by a Neuro psychologist and an occupational therapy evaluation, these can be handled at the same time, though by different personnel.

2. School personnel may ask you what you disagree with, but they can not require you to answer.

3. If you ask for an IEE at public expense the school district has two choices; either pay for the evaluation, or file for a due process hearing to prove that their evaluation is correct. The problem is, that most states do not state how long special education personnel have to decide, which course they are going to take. If you feel that your school district is taking too much time making a decision, try filing a state complaint with your state special education department.

4. If special education personnel in your district, agree to pay for the IEE at public expense, they must pay for the entire evaluation.

5. In your request for an IEE at public expense include the qualifications that you want the evaluator to have. This is especially critical if you believe that your child needs to be seen by a Neuro psychologist; due to the cost of the evaluation.

Also include in the request the areas that you want tested. IDEA states that school personnel and parents must agree on areas to be tested, but does not state that they must agree on the tests. If the areas to be tested cannot be agreed upon, the school district should file for a due process hearing.

For Example: Because my child’s IQ dropped 40 points I am asking for a comprehensive independent evaluation conducted by a Neuro psychologist to include: testing for any undiagnosed disabilities or neurological problems, IQ testing, academic and functional level testing, adaptive behavior testing. I am also asking for an evaluation with a Registered Occupational Therapist because I disagree with the school’s evaluation.

By rahul