Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

The world has become more and more open to student excursions, but each destination will be experienced through different eyes, tastes and expectations. This is why the experience of one student may vary greatly from his or her peer who has shared the same journey and destination.

As a broad example, introverts tend to have experiences that are quite different from extroverts. Hence, when they undertake one of these trips they will have their own set of needs, wherever they may go.

Park-Life in London

London has long had the reputation of encompassing frenetic activity. From its museums and galleries to colleges to theatres, it embeds students on educational travel in the midst of a hubbub of human energy. This makes it an ideal place for all the senses to be tempted with learning. But it also means the less confident student needs some space away from the traffic, neon signs, shops and packed residential areas. Fortunately, there are enough wonderful parks and green spaces to which the introvert can retreat and explore. Hyde Park, Green Park, and St James’ Park: all names that invoke not only serenity and relaxation but a true sense of history as well.
















Cafe-time in Rome

The crumbling yet evocative ruins of the Colosseum and the eerie spectral remains of the ancient catacombs make the clear point that Rome has long been a metropolis. Students on educational travel to the Eternal City can observe that the marching centurions tumult of the forums have been replaced by bleating motorcycles and legions of shoppers. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Happily, there are enough cafés and restaurants tucked away from the tourist bedlam and university sectors where students can retreat and mull in relative peace.

Island-dreaming in Greece

Much like Rome, Athens boasts an impressive history of melee and chaos – albeit an exciting and beloved history. Renowned for its iconic metropolis, educational travel to Greece will reward students with vital learning mixed with awe at the being able to walk in the footsteps of legendary hearts and minds. But even some of these giants of history needed a place to dwell in peace and quiet, and while the city itself seems to have become preoccupied with shopping, dining and entertainment, a short hop from the port of Piraeus will deliver you to the Greek islands. Here, time slows and students can find space to gather their thoughts and rejuvenate their racing minds.

Long Walks in New York

New York has always invited people with dreams to come and try their hand – but sometimes the sheer extent of the day-to-day machinations of such a great haven of commerce and creativity can overwhelm a young visitor. An epic hub of learning, with devoted institutions of arts, sciences and theatre, educational travel here is very rewarding; some, however may seek a little breathing space to rest their eager minds and avoid burn out. Fortunately, the grand parks, small outer neighbourhoods and a genuine walking culture make it ideal for students to hunt out a safe and simple route down which they can stroll and lose themselves in thought.

By rahul