Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

For many young people, India is a rite of passage. The plan to travel to this strange and mysterious nation forms a bridge into adulthood. Yet for students on excursions, there is a tamer, yet no less vital, educational experience waiting in India. Despite having a culture famous for being unique, the nation offers pedagogical experiences that can cater to the depth of the modern curriculum in English speaking institutions.

Storied History

It would take a countless number of educational trips to fully grasp the extent of India’s history. But students who do take the journey will find the vast story of India is actually the story of many competing and collaborating nations and cultures. From the Golden Age of its early Empires, the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism, the rise of Islam, and Mughal Rule, to the British Colonisation, the rise of the Raj, and Modern Independence, India’s history will fascinate and draw many connections to the history of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
















Religious Colours

India is a religious wonderland, and the idea of religion is separated into a private realm. It embraces all aspects of culture with its diversity and colour. Students on educational trips will have a chance to live and breathe the many faces of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and countless other cults that populate the nooks and crannies and wide public spaces of this land and its popular discourse. It will challenge students to think more deeply about the connections between religious beliefs and everyday society.

Iconic Designs

One of the reasons India has seeped deeply into the consciousness of international popular culture is its imagery. The nation is, however deliberately, a feast for the eyes. Students on educational trips here will no doubt be struck first of all by the amazing colours, patterns, shapes and styles that permeate the cities and countryside. From the world famous icons, such as the Taj Mahal or the Red Fort, to the shape of small temples and the colour of saris and dresses on the streets, the iconic visual majesty and exotic glamour of India will inspire design students and imprint itself on the memory of visitors in general.

Furious Politics

Students who study politics will find India a breath of fresh air. On educational trips to this most multicultural of nations, they will discover a political discourse stunningly different from that of Europe, yet equally riveting in the sheer breadth and depth of issues. The world’s largest democracy had to fight to become so. The struggles of Gandhi, Nehru and Ali Jinnah to break free from British rule and the Raj and unite the multitude of different religions, states, cultures and linguistic communities still continues to shape India today. A study of India’s politics will help shatter stereotypes and open up the country of everyday people living amongst staggering wealth and gaping poverty.

By rahul