Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Heather Conley:

I think Europe is certainly evolved and its position related to China.

And you see that in the G7 statement and, of course, the NATO communique, which was actually quite tough on China. But then, on the margins of that communique, it was French President Macron who said, look, China is not in the Euro-Atlantic area. This is out of NATO’s area of responsibility.

And you see those tensions play out. You will actually see China play out more forcefully in tomorrow’s U.S.-European Union summit, where trade and technology — for China — Well, for Europe, China is a really important economic partner, for the United States as well. But Europe doesn’t have the security concerns and interests that the United States does.

But where the U.S. guides NATO, NATO typically follows. And this is a success for President Biden and his administration to have such tough language pretty consistently in two major summit statements.

By rahul